Tirupati Balan

Tirupati Balan

Ahoy There!

I’m Tirupati Balan, an enthusiastic iOS Developer and advocate for open-source software, with a keen interest in the intersection of technology and everyday life.

Professional Product Journey

Beginning my career as a software engineer, I’ve rapidly evolved within the realm of mobile technology. My role has transitioned from a Senior Software Engineer to a Lead iOS Engineer to Engineering Manager, and currently, I thrive as an Lead iOS Engineer. Along this path, I’ve contributed to the development of significant applications like:

  • Gratitude: Gratitude is a tool to help you focus on the positive, become more mindful, and live with intention.

  • Noice: An innovative platform that offers a unique audio entertainment experience with original and diverse content.

  • Zenius: An educational app designed to make learning engaging and accessible for students everywhere.

  • SehatQ: A comprehensive health app that provides medical information and facilitates doctor appointments.

Each step in my journey has been an opportunity to impact the tech landscape profoundly, pushing the boundaries of mobile technology to enhance user experiences worldwide.

Few Achievements


Co-founding Mysticadii has allowed me to explore the spiritual side of technology. Mysticadii serves as a podcast platform for those seeking wisdom and a deeper understanding, demonstrating my commitment to creating spaces for meaningful conversations and growth. Click here to open


Through CelerStudio, I’ve launched a suite of open-source mobile applications that serve various sectors including healthcare, finance, and sports. This initiative underscores my dedication to making diverse technological contributions that have a positive impact on society. Click here to open


As the founder of Wreely, I have recently open-sourced this platform, which innovates in the realm of workspace management. It offers scalable solutions for modern businesses and aims to create a connected community within co-working spaces. By making Wreely open-source, I am inviting collaboration and shared progress in the field of technology.